What is Neem Oil?

Cosmos Plant Club's basic guide
to Neem Oil

When I first started out on my plant journey, I hadn't heard of Neem Oil, just reached out for the supermarket sprays to wash over my planty problems.

But, You wouldn't spray any nasties over your kids before reading up on the product and I doubt you'd cover them in chemicals without proper sound advice either, so why do this to your plant pals? Keeping them in tip top organic health is key too.


Neem Oil, is a natural oil pressed from leaves, fruits and seeds of the evergreen tree, Neem (Azadirachta Indica) It's a powerful organic pesticide and has been used for hundreds of years globally to control some pests and diseases.  Neem has many uses and has a long history in folklore and traditional medicine for its use for health and harmony.


The great properties it has for maintaining our plants health is our focus here.
It's safe for us and our pets or wildlife around us.

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A biodegrable, non toxic pesticide that degenerates quickly under sunlight or rainfall.

It wont create a war zone and kill everything in its path like some synthetic pesticides do. Neem targets leaf sucking insects and the pesky nibbling type critters, ridding our plant pals of problems at all pest development stages. Say 'Goodbye' to Thrips, Fungus Gnats and Mealybugs; Whiteflies, Spidermites and Aphids (well over 100 species infact).

Our little Earthworm will thank you for Neem too, as it encouarges their activity in our garden soil. So you can use this little bottle of power and put Neem Oil on your lawns aswell! It will kill fungus on plants, it will protect your fruit trees, your veg plants and your lil' herb garden!


Hurray for Neem! A Biodegrable, Non-Toxic, Non pollutant, Trustworthy, Super Hero and new best friend! 

Like all new beautifying and skin products though, do a test patch on a leaf, wait 24 hours to check its response!


Neem has got quite a pungent smell though (there's always a down side folks)! So take care to be in a well ventilated spot when you use it, no inhaling or ingesting please! This is natural but it's still a pesticide!   

To mix a batch -

1.5 teaspoon pure organic cold pressed Neem oil

1 teaspoon of mild liquid soap

1 litre room temp tap water left to stand for 24hours (or rain water where poss)

Just simply mix them in a spraybottle, a good shake and spray the underside of leaves, or apply directly to soil to deter insects from even stepping foot on your plants! Shake before use every time as the oil will separate.

I'd take the plant to the sink to do this, to avoid water damage to surrounding areas, as you want to really drench the leaves. It's ok too to add a droplet of Neem when watering too, especially useful if there's an infestation of fungas gnats.

Article for Cosmos Plant Club by Lionne the lady in the shed