About Cosmos Plant Club

What is Cosmos Plant Club?

Cosmos Plant Club is a UK based plant subscription service. We deliver beautiful indoor plants straight to your door. We use a trusted next day delivery courier and package our plants in a unique shipping container filled with gorgeous houseplants and little surprises. When you join Cosmos Plant Club you get more than a subscription box. You join a community of plant-lovers and gain access to plant tips to help you keep your beloved house plants alive. Whether you’re new to indoor plants or a house plant expert – you can share ideas, ask questions and let your love for plants grow as part of our online community. Join today and receive access to your very own plant library, exclusive forum and a host of extra-special plant goodies delivered straight to your doorstep every month.

Who is Cosmos Plant Club for?

Everyone! Well, at the moment we're only a UK Plant club, but we're expanding. Treat yourself to Cosmos Plant Club and get plants delivered to your door each month. Or surprise a friend with a wonderful growing gift. Our plant subscription boxes are perfect gifts for friends that have everything, distant family members and those in need of a pick me up. Who doesn’t love a surprise delivery? Who doesn't love plants?

What are the benefits of house plants?

Plants are good for us. It’s simple. The positive connection between nature and our mental and physical wellbeing is highlighted everywhere. The call for air purification has never been so great. Plants release the oxygen we need and absorb the carbon dioxide we produce. They clean the air we breathe. Plants help with:

  • Better breathing - oxygen releasing.
  • Stimulating creativity - through movement and textures.
  • Creating hope & accomplishment - through new shoots and leaves.

Plants in the home create theatre. They can be dramatic. They soften edges and break up bland bare walls. Your plant's magic will improve your mood and bring calm to your space. When you join our plant subscription service you get more than a plant in the post. You’ll care, take ownership and gain a sense of accomplishment as you watch your plants thrive.

How does it work?

Each month a Plant is specially selected for our members. They vary in height, shape and colour; but are always easy to talk to and great company. We send out your plant each month when our plant drop happens, see that little countdown timer? 

That's when your plant been shipped. Not all the plants pictured on our website will be delivered through Cosmos Plant Club but let us know if there's something you'd like us to send to you as an extra. Ready to join? Let’s get started!

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