What's Inside?

What's inside? We've got it all wrapped up!

We've designed a super safe Eco housing for our gorgeous green offering. So from leaving us to knocking on your door, they should arrive in tip-top condition.

Your new pal will be all wrapped up, sometimes they might have a surprise with them too.

There will be a little help guide to help you look after your houseplant and keep it in top condition, if you'd like something more extensive, you will be granted a unique plant library where you can view little tips about each specific plant that you've been sent.

If we've got you COVERED then inside your planty package you'll also have a perfectly fitting pot cover to hide the naked pot and compliment the plant you received that month.

If you are a COMPLETE cutomer, you can also choose to send that months plant to a loved one, just to let them know youre thinking about them.


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