Humble Beginings

The story of the Cosmos

So how did Cosmos Plant Club come about?

Well, I love surprises! I love delivering them, receiving them and as I've got older I don't get as many nice ones as I'd like.

Brown envelope surprises just don't excite me and if I've ordered it for myself, well it's great if it shows up even better than I imagined. BUT it's not the same as being surprised by someone else's effort and thoughtfulness!

During this crazy year, we've all been part of, I've found more and more that my lovely loyal Cosmosians (because that's what you become when you're with me), wanted to connect with those close to their lives and say 'I'm still here for you' even if you're not able to physically be present. So here's the Plant Club. I wanted to deliver a cuddle, create a caring online community that could ask, share ideas and develop a love for plants.       

Oh and I'm a florist and plant lover, did I mention that?

I am not a Green Guru, Plant Doctor or Crazy Plant Lady (Yet) but together in our sharing community I hope to develop your confidence,  deliver a surprise your way or send your growing gift out here and make people smile.

'Awww  I'd love to have to lots of house plants but I always kill them...

'Oh no Christmas is just around the corner, I am never gonna be able to get to everyone, what shall I buy Grandad? What's unusual to get the person who's got everything?! What can I do for my daughter to remind her she's loved and thought about every day?

Cosmos Plant Club.

One simple process. Get a growing gift. I will do the rest personally. Trust me, you will feel great.

Come join me and let's grow together. If you need more persuasion, read on for all the fabulous benefits plants provide both for person and place.

The positive connection between nature and our mental and physical wellbeing are being highlighted everywhere. The call for air purification has never been so great. Plants release the oxygen we need and absorb the carbon dioxide produced by us and our surrounds. Thus cleaning the air we breathe and removing harmful toxins. Plants in place, create theatre. They can be dramatic, they soften edges and break up bland bare walls. Your plant's magic will improve your mood and bring calm to your space and the way you feel. There's more than one plant for every space and everyone. Taking care, having ownership and a sense of accomplishment and joy will be delivered to the person who joins the plant club.

Plants are specially selected for members. They vary in height, shape and colour; but are always easy to talk to and great company.  Our plants WILL REWARD YOU!
  • Better breathing - oxygen releasing.
  • Stimulate creativity - through movement and textures.
  • Hope & Accomplishment - through new shoots and leaves.
Not all the plants pictured on here will come through Plant Club but check with us if there's something you'd like us to send to you as an extra.


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