How does Plant Club Work?

1) Choose

Cosmos Plant Club offers 3 unique packages. Have a look at our memberships and choose the one that would suit you best. You can join as a rolling monthly subscription or a 3, 6 month or yearly package, each has unique price points and benefits.

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2) Wait

Wait for the plant drop. We ship our plants all at the same time which is usually at the end of the month. This is so our community can share a lovely surprise together and join in talking about what they received that month in the green room.

We've a count down on our site that indicates how long it is before the next PLANT DROP at Cosmos HQ. When the counter runs out, know that we are busy checking our plants and carefully packaging them ready for dispatch.
Now is the time to get excited about your imminent delivery!

3) Receive

This is our favourite bit, your new plant buddy gets delivered to you, or a friend (if you're a Cosmos Complete member). Nobody sends plants better than us, we have our unique packaging that makes sure they arrive all in one piece, and who knows what else you'll get in your box as a little extra that month.

3) Learn

Visit your 'Jungle book' or 'The Green Room' to learn more about your plant collection. We keep a database of all the plants we send you full of handy hints and tips of how to keep your mini jungle, that's easy!

You also get to join our exclusive social media group 'The Green Room.' A place for the community to discuss their plants, talk about what they've got and exclusive offers to you, our lovely Plant Club People.


and receive FREE hints and tips for growing the most lucious houseplants